Gigaom Alerts Beta FAQ

Gigaom Alerts is a new product we developed to keep you informed of new stories or reports that we publish.
  • Follow a wide variety of topics and tune it as you see fit. Gigaom editors have created thousands of tags that, when combined with others, can be as broad or as narrow as you see fit.
  • Alerts are sent via email so you can read them in your inbox or on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Alerts can be sent "continuously" so you get one as soon as something is published or saved in a queue to be delivered in a single batch at the daily or weekly time of your choosing.

Alerts is based on Gigaom Search. Simply run a search and click the blue "Create an Alert" button and you'll be prompted through steps that allow you to set the frequency and timing of your alerts.

Alerts work off the tags added by our editors to each story or report (free text searches are not supported). There are several ways to run a tag search.
Click on a tag on any story or report you see on Gigaom to see our past coverage of that topic.
Type a search into the search box and mouse down on one of the suggested tags,
If you have a Gigaom Account, type a search into the Create an Alert box on the Alerts page
If there's too many results, you can use the filters on the left to narrow the scope of to specifically what you want to see. Once you have a set of results you're happy with, click the blue, "Create an Alert" button and you'll be prompted to set the frequency and timing of your Alert email notifications.

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